Many buyers over the world are looking for a wholesale marketplace to purchase Japanese products, but it's not easy to find a proper marketplace for BUSINESS, even though there are tons of marketplaces to buy Japanese products. For whom the buyer over the world, I would like to introduce our service, SUPER DELIVERY, the Japanese wholesale marketplace.

SUPER DELIVERY is an online wholesale marketplace in Japan, with about 1,580 wholesale companies and 75,000 retail companies. About 800 Japanese brand products are registered every day, and it is Japan's largest-scale B2B service that allows you to purchase more than 560,000 products at a low price.


1. Save 30-70% vs. Retail Price

SUPER DELIVERY is a service for business only, so all items are registered with its wholesale price. If you would like to make a large order, you can directly contact the vendor and make a quotation on the product page after sign in.

2. No Minimum Quantity of Order

When you buy something with online shopping, you are worried if the real product is different from what you expected when receiving it. In SUPER DELIVERY, you can make an order with only 1 piece of most products, so it is available to try it as a sample. Also, this policy would be helpful for some businesses that don't have some space for lots of stocks.

※ However, some items(such as small stationery products) are on a bundle, so please check the product page well before putting it on your cart. Every product is managed by the vendors, the product details would be different depending on the vendors. If you have any questions about the product, you can also directly make an inquiry to the vendor directly through the product page.

3. Save International Shipping Fee Up To 25% OFF

SUPER DELIVERY is a wholesale market place, so the more you buy, the more you benefit. If the total amount of items per order exceeds a certain amount, you will receive a discount on the shipping fee as below:

JPY 50,000 or more: 5% OFF
JPY 100,000 or more: 10% OFF
JPY 200,000 or more: 15% OFF
JPY 300,000 or more: 20% OFF
JPY 500,000 or more: 25% OFF

Also, there are various shipping methods available. Currently, you can choose the best shipping method among sea mail, airmail, EMS, ECMS, Pantos, UPS, DHL, and FedEx on the order cart page.

4. Simple Return / Refund Process

In the event that there are damages, contamination, loss, misdelivery, or initial malfunction in the delivered items, we will normally correspond by issuing a refund via PayPal or by giving you points that you can redeem at SUPER DELIVERY. In this case, you don't need to return the product back to us. However, please note that we are not able to accept the refund request for the customers’ personal reasons.

◆HELP page : Return / Refund Process

5. +560,000 Items by Japanese Companies

All items registered in SUPER DELIVERY are by trustworthy Japanese Companies. Some products are sold to oversea through only SUPER DELIVERY. Also, there are various categories of products: Fashion Items, Apparel, Home & Living Items, Paper & Novel Items, Kids & Baby Items, and Pet Items.


You didn't sign up SUPER DELIVERY yet?! For newcomers, we are issuing JPY 2,000(worth about $20) discount coupon now. How about registering in SUPER DELIVERY and looking for popular and unique Japanese products?



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SUPER DELIVERY is a Japanese largest wholesale e-marketplace. Import high quality and design products from Japan shortly!



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