Finding the right physical retailers can be time-consuming and expensive. We’ve found that the best way to find Japanese suppliers for all of your wholesale needs is to search the top online marketplaces.

Here are some of our recommended e-markets for Japanese products.


In recent years, Amazon has become the world’s leading global marketplace, offering visitors access to products all over the world. All you have to do to gain access is to create a free account. However, you also have the option of paying annually for a Prime membership, which provides you with faster shipping options—sometimes as quick as next-day delivery.

There is a wide range of Japanese products and suppliers to be found on the Amazon marketplace, from kitchenware to beauty products, clothing and more. Cure’s Natural Aqua Gel and the Kyoku Chef’s knife are two examples of high-quality Japanese products on Amazon.


ManuTech is a platform for wholesalers to find an ideal supplier for their unique needs. The website connects business owners with Japanese factories and suppliers that meet their production requirements. Based on your budget, distribution, quantity, and quality preferences, ManuTech will provide you with a quote and give you the opportunity to choose the best option for your industry.

If you are in the fashion industry, the Kimono-Yukata from Veduta is one of the unique suppliers that you can be connected with through this platform. The Happy Face Clip is another one-of-a-kind Japanese stationery product distributed through ManuTech’s platform.

From Japan

From Japan is a platform that provides users access to Japanese products from hundreds of Japanese shopping sites. The website is a streamlined centre for all your wholesale needs, allowing you to place bids on Yahoo Japan Auctions and place large orders for retail and business purposes. From Japan ships all over the world and allows you to look for specific products from e-shops all over Japan.

The adorable Mana Marn Fish Sponge from Rakuten is one of the unique Japanese household products that you can source from this site for your store. Another unique item from Rakuten is the Caraz Antibacterial PVC Pet Carpet, which provides pets with a safe palace to play without creating built-up bacteria or floor damage.

Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM)

Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM) is an online hub for all things Japanese culture, music, games, fashion, and trends. Their products are highly centred around manga and pop culture. Not only does this site provide users and wholesalers with access to some of Japan’s hottest trends, but the site also provides a platform for artisans and content creators to share their unique work. On TOM, wholesalers can buy unique Japanese products directly from large suppliers or small creators for their shops.

Nendoroid Doll Kaguya-sama figurine, distributed by Taito, is an example of a popular product inspired by the series Kaguya-Sama: Love is War. Another interesting figure is the Jujutsu Kaisen figurine from the popular Japanese manga series. Japanese anime and manga lovers will appreciate these keepsakes!

Samurai Store

The Samurai Store is a well-known Japanese marketplace for authentic samurai apparel and replicas. Their site provides people all over the world with traditional Japanese samurai designs and accurate historical replicas from movies, books, museums, etc. Wholesalers can get unique high-quality samurai pieces shipped to their stores.

The Takeda Shingen Children’s Armor is a complete samurai set designed for children to learn about Japanese history. The T7122 Katana Sword is a collectable antique Katana that comes with an authentication certificate for those passionate about Japanese samurai paraphernalia.

Super Delivery

Super Delivery is an online marketplace with thousands of unique Japanese products from a wide range of suppliers, distributors, and industries. Wholesalers can easily sign up for free by creating an account on the platform. Creating an account provides users with access to a wide range of products to sell at their retail locations.

What sets Super Delivery apart from other marketplaces is that it provides wholesalers with the lowest prices on bulk orders and has consistent product availability. This means that you can rely on Super Delivery to provide your shop with authentic Japanese items at the best prices—all year round!

The platform offers one of the largest varieties of kitchenware, with unique items such as the Matsuo Shoten Hasami ware Pocket Ladle, the perfect stovetop item to keep your kitchen clean and mess-free. In addition, the Imabari Towel is a popular, highly absorbent Japanese towel that comes in several sizes for different uses. These are just some of the unique Japanese items that Super delivery offers at unbeatable prices.

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How to Buy Wholesale Products on Super Delivery

1.   Search

There are a few different ways to find what you are looking for on Super Delivery. You can either search for specific items in the search bar or search a category or brand to be taken to their product categories and pages. There are also several filters to use to refine your search in the “Advanced+” option, such as “in stock” items, etc.

To learn more about the various search functions, visit this article:

2.   Add to Cart

As you start to find the items that you are looking for, you can add them to your cart by selecting the quantity desired and then clicking “add to cart”. The more items you purchase from different brands, the greater the discount you receive for international delivery options.

3.   Complete Payment

Once you have selected all the items that you wish to order, you can proceed to the payment page. Select and confirm your payment type and proceed to the delivery method page.

4.   International Delivery Options

Once you have confirmed your order and payment type, you will be taken to a “large order delivery page”, where you will be prompted to fill out some important information regarding your preferred delivery method and order size. We will consult with a vendor to get the best possible shipping fee for your order.

To learn more about large order shipping options for international orders, visit this article:


Being Japan’s largest online marketplace for authentic Japanese items at unbeatable wholesale prices and quantities, it’s worth giving it a try for your retail needs. You can sign up free to gain access to our catalogue of Japanese products and items.

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