What are Washi and Washi tape?

  Washi, Japan’s most well-known hand-made paper, is a traditional art form dating back to at least ten centuries. Translating as “harmony” (wa), and “paper” (shi), washi is a 1,000-year-old traditional art form that represents the unifying theme of harmony among Japanese crafts and artforms.
  Handcrafted with fibre from Japanese shrubs, such as the mitsumata shrub, the gampi tree, and the paper mulberry bush, washi paper is used in a variety of artistic applications. Not only it is used to repair valuable historic paintings, such as those featured in the Louvre, but it also continues to be used as a core material for several Japanese goods, such as clothes, toys, and of course, washi tape.
  Washi tape is one of the most popular uses for washi paper today. As opposed to functional tapes, such as duct tape or scotch tape, washi tape has a rather decorative use that can be applied in many different ways. Similar to what is referred to in the west as “masking tape”, washi tape is a delicate tape with very light adhesion used for aesthetic and organizational purposes.

What is washi tape used for?

  The uses for washi tape are endless! If you are a creative, a writer, or even a student that enjoys color-coding and organization, washi paper is the perfect stationery staple for you. With so many different colors and designs to choose from, you can get creative incorporating them into your craft and DIY projects, gifts, and boring notebooks and planners.

Here are some of the most common uses for washi tape:


  Instead of using regular tape, many people in Japan use washi tape to add extra decor and color to their gifts. Not only does this add an element of fun to more subdued wrapping paper designs, but wrapping with washi is very ecological. As it is quite easy to remove without breaking, your friends and family can reuse the washi tape for decoration in journals, notebooks, and more after opening their gift. It’s certainly more sustainable than generic plastic-based tape!

Notebook Decoration (planner, diary, etc.)

  One of the most popular ways to use washi tape is to add fun designs to your notebooks and planners. You can either use the washi tape as an adhesive to attach small notes, receipts, or other pieces of paper, or you can use it as decoration. DIY-lovers all over the world make videos of the many interesting ways to decorate your notebooks and planners with washi tape, such as creating borders, organizing into sections, and color-coding.

Envelopes decoration

  Despite the new era of digital communications, many people are coming back to traditional forms of messaging, taking special care to decorate their envelopes with washi tape.

This recent trend includes using different types of washi tape to artfully adorn your envelopes and letters for various uses. Envelopes designed with washi tape are unique and one of a kind—definitely not sold in stores!


  Another popular trend in the DIY world is using washi tape to customize your bookmarks. Instead of buying a pre-designed bookmark, stationery lovers are starting to get creative and use different washi tape styles to fashion their very own bookmarks.

After designing your very own washi tape bookmark, you can add other elements to complete it, such as string, ribbon, or ink to personalize it with a message for a gift. The possibilities are endless!

Wall Art

  Aside from using washi tape to hang things such as notes and decorations on your walls, you can also use washi tape as its decorative element. Many people use washi tape to create wallpaper-like designs on their walls, or even to create borders around certain hanging objects.
  There are many videos of people showing different ways that you can get creative with washi tape, especially if you are tired of looking at the same white walls every day.

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6 Must-Try Japanese Washi Tape Brands


  Round Top is a manufacturer of Washi tape which has 3rd share in Japan, so they are so very known. Their high-quality technology is evaluated well. We recommend checking them out if you are interested.

There are also traditional ones with soft Japanese paper!

See ROUND TOP washi-tapes


  Since MIND WAVE is a stationery manufacturer, they carry Washi tape as well.
They are famous for their cute design and are always releasing new items.
We have interviewed them, check the article from here!

See MIND WAVE washi-tapes

Seal Do Printing

  Seal Do Printing's products are characterized by many designs with a heartwarming mood. There are created by a famous miscellaneous goods designer, Shinzi Katoh.

See Seal Do Printing washi-tapes


  For those who love unique designs, we recommend this brand due to its eccentric designs. Their items can make your posts photogenic on social media, such as Instagram!

The Washi tape can be also used for nail art!

See Seal Do Printing washi-tapes


  This brand is created by a Chinese designer in Japan. The beautiful graphics make you feel like you are in nature.

Cute animals such as cats are also seen on their Washi tape!

See BGM washi-tapes


  TOKOTOKO CIRCUS is a manufacturer that carries cat-printed items!
They run a "Cat Cafe", and the cats on the Washi Tape are modeled after the cats from the Cat Cafe!

See TOKOTOKO CIRCUS washi-tapes

Does washi tape stick permanently?

  Much like masking tape, washi tape will not stick to your walls, wrapping paper, or notebooks permanently. While it sticks to paper and wall surfaces well, it won’t leave a mark or give you any difficulty peeling it off. That being said, it doesn’t fall off easily either. Once you stick it, it will stay until you remove it.
  This is one of the qualities that has garnered much popularity for washi tape.

Does washi tape peel off easily?

  While washi tape will not fall off easily, it will easily come off when you are ready to remove it. Washi tape removal does not require much force and will not leave any sticky glue marks on your wall, as conventional scotch tape would. Washi tape adhesion is just enough to stay but mild enough to come off clean.

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