A Supplier that I would like to introduce today is nombre. nombre is a design studio that runs two stationery brands, Mizushima & Saito.

Asuko Ueki who is CEO of Nombre learned architecture in college and came to know that good creation comes with great depth of thought. At the same time, she found it much more fun to produce objects by her own hands. Thinking and making, making, and thinking. That repetitive process is very pleasant for her, to say nothing of the joy when you first look at the completed object. "What can we do with design?"Always keeping this question in mind, nombre keeps on working with the joy that they could take a part in the design world.

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Mizushima was founded in 2006 by the polka dot lover designer and the shop owner who adores stripes. The brand was named after Polka dots (Mizutama) and Stripes (Shima-shima), the patterns which are simple, widely loved, and never out of date. Finding inspirations in Japanese craftmanship and selecting fine materials we really love, we create simple but unique, well-designed, and sometimes funny stationeries. By manufacturing with care in middle volume production and sometimes producing by their own hands, their products are clearly different from mass-produced items in the quality and texture.


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Saito is established by a stationery shop owner from Kansai(関西) and a product designer from Kanto(関東) region in 2014. Aiming to make your life a bit more amusing, they produce good products designed with the motif of funny and unique characters.


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