Have you ever imagined a world where tape not only binds but also illuminates, captivates, and adds an artistic touch to your creations? Join us on a journey into the enchanting universe of washi tapes, where creativity knows no bounds!

Today, we unveil three extraordinary offerings from renowned vendors on SUPER DELIVERY, each tape a canvas of innovation and a testament to the rich tapestry of Japanese craftsmanship. Are you ready to explore the magic within each strip and redefine your crafting experience? Let's embark on this artistic adventure together.

Glow-in-the-Dark Washi Tape
Vendor: Arte Co., Ltd

Brighten up your creative space with Arte Co., Ltd's glow-in-the-dark washi tape.
In the darkness, these phosphorescent tapes gently glow, adding a whimsical touch to your creations. The subtle luminescence creates a mesmerizing effect, making them perfect for various artistic endeavors. Perfect for unique decorations and highlighting, this luminous tape brings a whole new dimension to the world of washi.

Happy Birthday
The Universe

Pavilio Lace Tapes
Vendor: Pavilio/HARULABO

This lace tape brand is known for its imaginative cutting and vibrant designs.
We've picked 3 series from this brand today, but this is just a sneak peek of their diverse variety!
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Standard Series

This series offers a selection of vibrant patterns for every taste. From Wa to Leaf, these tapes provide a standard yet diverse option for your creative needs.

Mini Series

With its colorful and diverse patterns, Mini has a delicate 10mm tape width. From Praeparat to Rosy, each tape is a mini-masterpiece, perfect for a range of creative projects.

Palette Series

Inspired by the soft hues of spring flowers, Palette comes with colors like Green, Pink, and Light Blue, this series brings a fresh and uplifting palette to your crafting repertoire.

Komon+ Roll Sticky Notes
Vendor: Taniguchi Shoyudo Co., Ltd.

Crafted for convenience and style, these rolls are a must-have for any shop. Taniguchi Shoyudo introduces the Komon+ Roll Sticky Notes, a uniquely designed and user-friendly product featuring perforated edges for clean and easy tearing. With 30 sheets in a roll, these sticky notes are adorned with patterns that are both charming and conducive to jotting down comments.


Watch a demonstration of Komon+ Roll Sticky Notes in action!

Elevate Your Creative Ventures with SUPER DELIVERY

As you explore these exceptional washi tapes, immerse yourself in the stories behind each creation. From glow-in-the-dark magic to delicate lace-like patterns, and user-friendly roll sticky notes, each vendor brings a distinctive flair to the world of washi.

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