Do you have any Japanese plushies? Japan has “Kawaii Culture, so there are so many cute characters and Stuffed Animals! Let's check them out together!
  Kawaii is a well-known Japanese subculture that is synonymous with “cuteness”. From clothing to makeup and accessories, it is Japan’s kitsch style that has made ripples around the world. Originating in the 1970s, the word itself comes from kawayushi, the Japanese word for “shy”, “vulnerable”, or “embarrassed”, which has since translated to a sentiment of love and protection.
  After initially gaining popularity among young schoolgirls, the trend quickly took off, with plush toys quickly becoming a staple of the culture, spanning all age groups. Hello Kitty and Pokémon are two of the most globally recognized kawaii plush toys today.


  Osomatsu-san became very popular by remaking the original TV anime. Even after TV broadcasting, they are still popular! There are a lot of people who love to do a cosplay of Otsumatsu-san even at Comicon around the world. How cute little plush toys of Otsumatsu-san are! You would like to collect all kinds, wouldn't you?

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Mochi Shiba

  Shiba Inu named "Mochi Shiba", came to a rice store, and they love delicious rice... then four of them ended up being chubby, round Shiba Inu.
  Their eyes are so adorable and even look like the real eyes of Shiba Inu!
  Since Shiba Inu became popular all over the world, more people have them as a pet. "Mochi shiba" is perfect for Shiba Inu lovers!

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  Doraemon is an earless robotic time-traveling cat that is based on a popular manga by the same name. To help a boy, Nobita Nobi, Doraemon travels back in time from the 22nd century.

  The anime has been adapted for TV several times and has become one of the most successful Japanese franchises worldwide, with people in numerous countries buying Doraemon plush toys, backpacks, and other merchandise.

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  Hedgehog plush toys are a popular character in kawaii culture. Their cute, small, and round appearance has garnered many fans over the years.
  With so many different sizes and plush varieties, these have been a kawaii staple for years among all age groups. They are particularly a hit for children!

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Sea Animals

  Being an island in the Pacific Ocean, sea life has always been an integral part of Japanese culture. It comes as no surprise then, that sea creatures have become a popular plush toy for kawaii lovers.
  From a very young age, children learn about aquatic life, and popular cartoons and anime like Finding Nemo and Ponyo have created a bigger interest in these toys. Sea otters and clownfish are two of the many sea creatures that make adorable plush toys for children and adults alike.

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  Even if you've never played the game, collected the cards, or watched the cartoon, you’ve definitely heard of Pokémon. The global empire that is now Pokémon started as a children’s cartoon with different creatures of varying abilities, powers, and strengths that live alongside humans, also known as their “trainers”.
  Following the show’s popularity, the franchise released video games and trading cards that took the world by storm. Plush toys quickly become another huge part of the Pokémon world, landing a spot in kawaii culture. The good news is that there are so many Pokémon to choose from!

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  Based on a comic book written in 1973, Anpanman is an anime centered around one of Japan’s most popular children’s superheroes. But Anpanman is not just any superhero—he is a superhero with a red bean paste pastry for a head whose mission is to save the world from an evil germ named Baikinman.
  His adorable round face and rosy cheeks have won over the hearts of people all over the world, gaining him a spot in kawaii culture. Anpanman merchandise and plush toys are a big part of Japanese culture.

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Crayon Shin-chan

  Crayon Shin-chan, also widely known as simply Shin-chan, is a popular Japanese manga about a five-year-old boy named Shinnosuke Nohara who is constantly on an adventure. Shinnosuke has several antics, such as his mister elephant dance and his naked butt dance, which garner laughter from audiences around the world.
  Through mature comedy, the show teaches children about many important topics, as well as provides them with the confidence to deal with difficult situations. As a result, Crayon shin-chan has become a widely used face for plush toys in the kawaii scene and Japanese culture in general.

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  Poodles are definitely one of the most popular dog breeds in Japan, which is why there have been so many different poodle plush toys taking kawaii culture by storm. These are perfect for anyone who likes to have a fluffy companion in their bed when they come home from a long day.
  Alternatively, they are also a great “pet” for children whose parents aren’t ready to get them a real dog yet! With so many cute kawaii poodle styles to choose from, you are sure to find your adorable companion.

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Okaeri Sonoda-Kun

  "Okaeri-Sonoda-Kun" is a white cat living in the Sonoda Station area that only appears in front of people who are working hard.
  He takes a nap during the day to say "Welcome Home” to you. Sonoda-Kun and his friends, Mimura, Toda, Kurobe, and Abe, create a comfy and soothing environment for anyone who is overworked to relax. Come home to these cute cats and forget about your worries in their comforting presence!

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Poteusa Loppy

  Poteusa Loppy rabbits are a trademark of kawaii culture, always seen nibbling on a piece of ripe fruit from the farm in their hands. Shiloppy, Panpi, and Chappy are the three Pote usa Loppy rabbits, known for their floppy ears and blushed cheeks.
  These bunnies come in many different varieties, such as plush toys, purses, bags, and many other stationery and accessories.

Especially, the backpack has been very popular!

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Mononoke (Yokai)

  They became famous for Yokai-Watch. There are monsters in Japan that have been passed down from ancient times as Yokai.
  Many Japanese have an attachment to Yokai, and Yokai often appears as characters such as cartoons and animation. Here are such unique Yokai plush toys.

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  Have you found any favorite ones? There are more plush toys in Japan! It would be perfect as a gift for kids, and your friend. Let's see the cute friends!

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