Many people have been practicing social distance indoors for a long time because of COVID 19. Also, many people are hesitating about how to spend your time indoors, and I'd like to introduce you to DIY products that will allow you to have a good time at home.

Koala Wool Kit

By HAMANAKA CORPORATION. The work of Yuko Sakuda, who is popular as "yucoco cafe" on Instagram, has finally become a kit! The kit includes completed product photos from various angles, so it's easy to understand even the details.

◆Size: Length of approximately 7cm
*The size will change depending on how the needle is stabbed.
◆Contents of the pack: felt wool, eyes, needle cotton, and introduction
◆What to prepare:
Felting Needle Regular (H441-014) & Felting Mat (H441-015)
Or Felting Needle Starter Set (H441-035)

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JANE FOSTER Animal Family Sewing Kit

By SPACE JOY CORPORATION. It is a set that you can make an animal family. You will enjoy the making process. Thanks to its simple line, it's easy to make and comfortable after making it.

Jane Foster's "HABERDASHERY" (a word meaning "clothing shop" like a country town in an American old word) was announced as a new collection of autumn/winter 2015. She is thinking of developing a craft kit focusing on popular design among Jane Foster's designs and giving the enjoyment of sewing and knitting to small craftsmen of the future.

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Wooden Spoon DIY Kit

By URBAN OLE ECOPARK. The shape of the classic spoon kit has been significantly cut. By reducing the number of surfaces to be cut, the production time was shortened, making it even easier to make. You can make a spoon of the right size for curry and soup. The cypress used is made of softwood, making it easy for beginners to challenging. With sandpaper, finishing beeswax and beeswax application cloth. Available to be made with a cutter or a small knife.

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There are more DIY items from various brands in SUPER DELIVERY. How about checking SUPER DELIVERY's DIY items? You will find the one you are looking for!

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