Flowers have been blooming in Tokyo as spring is already coming. Flowers that are about to bloom make the cherry blossom season even more exciting. Why don't you wait for spring with cherry blossom motif items?

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1. Cherry blossom Japanese Paper Seal

This is a package of paper stickers by BGM. There are a total of 45 stickers in one package, 15 pieces for three patterns. It is made of a material similar to the masking tape that is commonly used, giving a soft feeling.

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2. Cherry Blossom Chopstick Stand 5 Color Set

A series of cherry blossom scenes, cherishing the petals one by one. With a deep cherry blossom chopstick stand, you can make the table bright. It's packed in a luxurious paper box, so it's a perfect setting for four seasons.

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3. Sakura Hitohira Cherry Blossom Plate (5pcs) - Pink

These are cherry blossom plates with five petals in one set. It was made by inspired from the fluttering cherry blossom petals. You can use them separately, or you can make a cherry blossom shape by setting five petals altogether like the picture above.

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