As a culture that has a rich paper-making history and tradition, it comes as no surprise that Japan produces a wide selection of premium notebooks for various uses. With a wide selection of sizes, paper quality and designs, it is important to know which notebook is best suited for your intended use.

Different Types of Notebooks

  Stationary enthusiasts know that there are many different features that distinguish notebooks. Binding styles such as spiral, wire-O, or open ring binding, allow for effortless page folding, whereas thread or glue bound provide a more sleek and seamless design. Another major distinguisher is paper size and style. Some notebooks have blank pages, while others have lines, grids, or dot grids. Notebooks can come in many different sizes, ranging from the smallest pocket notebook (A7) to standard 8 ½ by 11” paper size (A4).

  Paper quality is another major factor to take into consideration when selecting a notebook. There are thinner paper styles that have a smooth finish, such as “fools proof”, meanwhile, there are also thicker paper styles that are ideal for sketching and design. Recycled paper has a more rustic style that can vary in thickness.

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How to Choose the Right notebook

  While some features are a matter of personal preference, others serve functional uses. For instance, binding is more of a preference, depending on what you find more comfortable. Meanwhile, paper design, such as grid and dot grid, is popular for visual designers that work with straight lines, such as architects. This is one of the most popular styles, as many people find grids aesthetically pleasing. Lined paper is ideal for writers and students, calendar designs are great for daily planning, administration, and schedule management, and blank page notebooks are flexible for artists and visual brainstorming.

Our 5 Recommended Notebooks

1.Classic A6 Grid Glue-bound

  This is a classic Japanese notebook style with a clean binding that allows for comfortable use and page turning. The minimalist design is great for journaling, scrapbooking, or even brainstorming, while the light grid style can be used for aesthetic titles and organized sketches.

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2. Hardcover Ring-bound Grid

  For those who enjoy being able to seamlessly fold your notebook in half, this is the perfect style. The gridded pages are divided into four different colours, which is great for organizing study notes for different subjects or topics. You can even use the window on the front to decorate the cover with a title or photo.

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3. Softcover Classic Grid Sewn-bound Notebook

  The softcover freestyle notebook is another classic Japanese style that is ideal for those who love taking notes or making doodles on the go. The size and light-weight design make it the perfect notebook to throw into your bag.

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4. Numbered Dot Grid Daily Notebook

  This is a great daily use notebook for those who love making daily plans, notes, and to-do lists. It can be used as a regular notebook for sketches or note-taking but can also be used as a planner. Watercolour designs on the front provide an inspirational visual for creatives.

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5. Open Ring Lined Notebook

  Open ring lined notebooks are perfect for students or anyone who regularly removes pages from their notebook. The smart design allows you to gently open the ring binding to remove pages without making a mess and ruining your paper. This can be great for sharing notes with classmates or writing letters.

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  Stationary, and notebooks specifically, have become a prominent part of Japanese culture. With more and more demand for this stationary in Western stores, notebooks are an excellent way to provide your clients a multi-use item that showcases Japanese innovation and creativity.

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