For the Western world, wind chimes are pleasant ornaments to decorate the outside of your home with. However, in Japan, windchimes, also known as furin, carry a much deeper meaning and cultural significance.

What Are Furin (Japanese Windchimes)?

  In Japanese, furin, fu meaning “wind”, and rin meaning “bell”, literally translated as “wind bell”. Hung outside of homes, furin has always been symbolic of summer in Japan, producing calming sounds as the wind blows by. The natural sounds of the furin are said to provide healing as they mimic the movement of nature.
  Furin is traditionally made of glass or bronze, each one consisting of three parts: the bowl, the clapper or tongue, and the paper strip. The base of the wind chime is made by blowing glass and then shaping it into a bowl. Next, the hole for the thread is made while blowing into the glass. The bowl is then painted with gorgeous designs, which typically evoke elements of nature, such as flowers, plants, etc. Unlike conventional windchimes, which have several metal rods that make noise by colliding with each other, the furin has a single glass or bronze bell (tongue) in the middle that makes gentle sounds when colliding with the bowl.
  This seemingly aesthetic or ornamental object was originally used as a divination tool, inspired by the senfutaku—a fortune-telling device from ancient China. The senfutaku’s sound and movement were observed as a way of predicting someone’s future. It was traditionally hung outside of Buddhist temples as protection from misfortune. Furin is also used as a talisman for protection from extreme wind events. The sound of the furin serves as a warning for such events. Today, people typically hang furin on their balconies and porches, as well as indoors near windows, specifically at the northwest corner of the home.

Mount Fuji Wind Chime

  This unique wind chime is designed to look like one of Japan’s most iconic landmarks, Mount Fuji. Following the furin’s theme of nature, the bowl is made from the nature-inspired shape of the mountain, painted with delicate details. On the inside is an aluminum tongue designed as a fan—another symbol associated with good fortune in Japan. The tongue is made with traditional Takaoka Copperware craft techniques in Takaoka City. This is the perfect indoor or outdoor windchime that carries many blessings from Japan. The gorgeous Mount Fuji furin comes in two colors: pink and blue.

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Southern Part Wind Chime with Wooden Stand

  Perfect for indoor use, this windchime comes with a gorgeous wooden stand and frame. The emerald green cast-iron bell has decorative engravings that give it a regal texture and look. This is contrasted by the graceful linen fabric painted with a morning glory flower, another classic reference to nature. To top it off, the frame includes a decorative wooden screen, invoking the essence of a simple, natural, wabi-sabi aesthetic. Overall, this is the perfect wind chime to invite more serenity, nature, and good fortune into your home.

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Goldfish Pottery Wind Chime

  The goldfish windchime is the perfect spring or summer decoration. The bright colors and light motifs complement the vibrant energy of these warmer seasons. A delicate, white porcelain bell is painted with a pond scene full of orange and black goldfish. Known as a symbol for good fortune in Japan, the goldfish is another common icon to find on your furin. Above the bell, a bright orange porcelain goldfish floats, invoking good omens and prosperity. Below the bell, a classic paper charm hangs on a bamboo screen. Invite the energy of spring with this colorful and soothing windchime!

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  Furin is not only aesthetically pleasing ornaments to decorate your home with—they are sacred good luck charms that offer protection while infusing your life with the elements of nature. Offer your clients this classic piece of Japanese culture with one of these unique Japanese wind chimes. Sign up to become a member of SUPER DELIVERY today and access our large catalog of Japanese items.

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