Trending Expressions in Japan

Language is constantly changing with the times, and new expressions are always being created. Young people in particular are at the forefront of trends in language, and new expressions are born every year.
This phenomenon also applies to the Japanese language, where new words from the youth are somehow accepted by many people and become common words used in daily conversation.
Today, I would like to introduce a few trending expressions and expressions.

First of all, I will give you a quiz. Do you know the meaning of the following words? If you know what they mean and how you can use them, then you must be quite the Japanophile!

1) やばい / "Yabai"
2) 映え(インスタ映え) / "Baeru(Insta-bae)"
3) エモい / "Emoi"
4) しか勝たん / "shika katan"

The above four words are now used by young people on a daily basis in Japan and are especially common on social media.
Let's take a look at them one by one to see what they mean and how they're used!

| やばい / "Yabai"

"The phrase "Yabai(やばい)" is arguably the word with the most reversed meaning. In its original meaning, it was an adjective meaning "dangerous", "inconvenient', or "looking unwell".

Example usage: 『彼はやばい仕事についている』= "He's got a Yabai job."

However, nowadays, it is often used to mean something broadly very good, such as "amazing," "wonderful," or "delicious. Moreover, it is used more often in the sense of "very good" than in the sense of "bad. Therefore, in fact, when you simply say "This is "Yabai!"," it is quite likely to mean "Very nice!"

| 映え(インスタ映え)/ "Baeru(Insta-bae)"

The word "Bae(映え)" was born at the same time that SNS became popular in Japan. It is mainly used on Instagram, and is often expressed as "Insta bae(インスタ映え)". The meaning is "to look good and look nice when posted on Instagram.

Example usage:『この商品可愛い!インスタ映えするね!』 = "This stuff is so cute! It must be Insta-bae!"

Let's take a look at the products in the SUPER DELIVERY to see how they can be expressed using "Yabai" & "Insta-bae".
First, take a look at the products in the SUPER DELIVERY below. They are very pretty and wonderful products.
In such a case, please use the following phrases to describe it!
"These products are Yabai! They are definitely Insta-bae"
This can be translated to "This product is amazing! It definitely looks great when posted on Instagram!"

| エモい / "Emoi"

The word "Emoi(エモい)" comes from the English word "emotional". It is an adjective and is used to describe a feeling of being "unexpectedly moved". For example, it is used to describe the feeling you get when you see something nostalgic or see scenery that makes you feel nostalgic.

Example usage:『昨日の花火エモかったね!』= "Yesterday's fireworks were so beautiful and inspiring."

| ○○しか勝たん / "○○shika katan"

This phrase originated among fans of Japanese idols and was used to praise their favorite members by saying, "Only ○○ can win.
Nowadays, it is used in everyday life to mean "○○ is the best" or "there is nothing better than ○○".

Example usage:『コーヒーはブラックしか勝たん』= "The best way to drink coffee is black."

Let's take a look again at how "Emoi" & "○○shika katan" can be expressed using SUPER DELIVERY products.
In the case of these products, you can use phrases like the following
"This beckoning cat is so Emoi! It's really cat shika katan!"

| Finally

I hope you now have a better understanding of the meaning and usage of the four words I introduced today.
Now, let me introduce SUPER DELIVERY using the four words I explained today.
"SUPER DELIVERY is so Yabai! There are many Emoi items and items that will definitely Insta-bae! I would say SUPER DELIVERY shika katan!"



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