Have you ever had any of the following disappointing experiences with E-commerce?

"I can't find the products I want on SUPER DELIVERY."
"There are too many products, and it takes a lot of time to find them."

For those of you who have been having such a hard time finding the products, we have a great solution: the Featured Category Pages. In these pages, we divide the products into four popular categories in an easy-to-understand way! The four categories after the renewal are as follows.

Kitchen & Tableware / Stationery / Made in Japan / Characters

Each category is a collection of popular products and is purchased by many people. Let's take a look at each category together!

Kitchen & Tableware

Kitchen & Tableware is the most popular genre in SUPER DELIVERY. However, since there were too many products and it's hard to find what you're looking for among this genre, we have divided the kitchen and tabletop products into Ceramic/Glassware/Drinkware/Bento/Cutlery/Cookware separately. By clicking on the genre you are interested in on the banner, you will easily find all the products you want. We hope you will use it to find the Kitchen & Tableware products you are looking for.

See Kitchen & Tableware Pages>>


Stationery has been a popular category on SUPER DELIVERY for a long time. We have subdivided the category more finely into different genres to make it easier for you to find products. It is easier to use when you want to find popular Writing Supplies and Notebooks or to see cute Japanese Washi Tape, Stamp, Stickers. If you want to browse stationery products, this is the place for you!

See Stationery Pages>>

Made in Japan

You can use this featured page to find only Made in Japan products in each genre. This feature is designed to meet such needs. This particular featured page lists only Made-in-Japan products in Fashion/Stationery/Kitchen/Interior categories. If you are looking for high-quality products made in Japan, this featured page is for you.

See Made in Japan Pages>>


Character items are one of the most challenging products to find in an e-commerce marketplace. I'm sure many of you had difficulty finding the exact character items you wanted. If you have ever had such an experience, you should try this Characters featured page. We have compiled a list of popular Anime Characters, famous characters like Sanrio, animal items, and lucky charms like beckoning cats. So you'll never have trouble finding character products again.

See Characters Pages>>


Each of the four categories has its own recommended page, where you can find a selection of SUPER DELIVERY's most popular products, as well as fantastic products that people haven't noticed yet. So please check it out as well. It would be our great pleasure if you could take advantage of these Featured Category Pages and have a good experience on SUPER DELIVERY.



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