Although Japan is known to be a global producer, not all its treasures make it to other parts of the world. If you browse the internet, you'll find a plethora of common Japanese items that may seem lavish or extraordinary. However, these are in fact staples of Japanese lifestyle and can be easily found in homes and shops in Japan. Many of these items have a strong cultural significance and historical meaning, giving other countries the chance to learn about the culture through these treasured pieces.

1. Yukata

  Timeless and classic, the kimono is a traditional piece of Japanese clothing. Typically used by fierce samurais in combat or elegant geishas dancing in tea houses, it has a distinct place in Japanese culture. Kimonos are traditionally worn to special events, such as weddings, funerals, and tea ceremonies. Despite their distinguished use in Japanese culture, kimonos have become somewhat of a global cult fashion item in recent years.
  There are also different types of kimonos for different seasons; a heavy layered silk kimono for fall and winter months, and a lighter cotton or linen one for warmer months. This lighter cotton kimono is also referred to as a yukata. Yukatas have vibrant color schemes and simple designs. The unlined cotton kimono is worn informally by men, women, and people of all ages. Yukata kimonos are significantly less expensive, easier to wear and maintain than other varieties of kimonos. To create a truly vintage Japanese look, Yukata can be styled with a retro gamaguchi purse.

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2. Kinchaku

  Kinchaku are traditional Japanese drawstring bags used as a purse for personal items. They come in several different sizes, with smaller versions used to store loose coins, cosmetics, lucky charms, and hand warmers. A larger kinchaku is used as a purse that can be hung over the shoulder as an everyday accessory. These are commonly crafted with unique silk patchwork that resemble kimono design. The retro style adds a burst of color to any outfit. The durable cloth is suited for carrying heavier items, such as groceries.

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3. Kanzashi

  Kanzashi is a traditional Japanese hairpin used to enhance hairstyles. Many women associated with traditional Japanese performing arts, such as Geisha and Maiko, use these unique hair accessories to complement their outfits. Traditionally, the placement of the kanzashi was determined by the woman’s rank or position. However, these days, they are worn as a casual adornment at special occasions and are slowly becoming more mainstream. Kanzashi can come in various sizes and can come to be very extravagant. Our kanzashi has more of a sleek, minimal style intended for everyday use or special moments.

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4. Gamaguchi

  The gamaguchi, literally meaning “toad mouth”, is a traditional Japanese coin purse or wallet with metal snap frames. The mouth of the bag opens wide, making it easier to put money in and out. Handcrafted in Japan, gamaguchi come in many different retro designs, with gorgeous colors and patterns. This gamaguchi purse with wooden clasps makes a stunning match with a yukata. Bring good luck and life to your money by keeping it in this stunning Japanese coin purse!

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5. Tenugui

  A tenugui is a thin Japanese cotton hand towel that literally translates as "hand-wiper." Tenugui are typically 35 by 90 centimeters in size (around 13.8 by 35.4 inches), simply woven, and dyed with various patterns. Made of 100% cotton, this traditional hand cloth has a delicate texture that will have you wanting to use it for everything! For this reason, many people use tenugui as fashion accessories. Apart from hand-drying, tenugui can also be used as headbands, souvenirs, and decorations.

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