Way before there were plastic lunch boxes, Japan had bento boxes.
  With compartments for different food groups and dishes, the bento design is every organized foodie’s dream come true.
  Although there is debate regarding whether bento originated in the 5th century when laypeople started taking their lunch to work, or in the Kamakura Period (1185-1333 AD), one thing is for sure—bento boxes are an integral part of Japan’s food culture and continue to be found in shops, restaurants, and workplaces today. The very first bento boxes were crafted out of organic materials, such as lacquered wood, wicker, or bamboo.
  Today, there are a variety of bento designs and materials to suit food lovers of all ages and lifestyles.

Our 4 Most Recommended Lunch Box Styles

1. Denim Lunch Box Set Combo

  This modern denim lunch box set comes with several different bento options to choose from, depending on your meal types and preference. Whether you prefer keeping all your food in one box with different compartments or having a separate container for each dish, this bento set has an option for you. There is even an option for chopsticks with a neat holder.
  The individual containers are made out of plastic, while the actual lunch box is lined with fabric and has a zipper to conveniently keep all of your containers and chopsticks in one place. This is perfect for kids, students, and adults who love bringing a little bit of everything for lunch.

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Traditional Wooden Bento (Magewappa)

  Magewappa are wooden lunch boxes reminiscent of some of the first bento boxes made in Japan. The natural cedar wood and round shape infuse your lunch with the aromatic smell of the forest. This is a great lunchbox for minimalists who love natural kitchenware and appreciate this humble style.
  With three different compartments, this lunchbox provides you with all the space you need to store your different meal components.

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Insulated Stainless Steel Bento

  Another popular modern bento style is the insulated stainless steel lunch box. With three different compartments that stack on top of each other, this bento box is perfect for anyone who is on the go and needs a compact lunch storage unit. The stainless-steel insulation keeps your food warm for hours, which is perfect for colder weather, or for anyone who works outside, such as construction workers.

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Plastic Bento Box with Smartphone Stand

  This bento box has a very minimal design that is great for kids or anyone who likes to keep their meals simple. The stylish bento comes in a few classic colors to match anyone’s personal tastes. Inside the lid is a special compartment to store your chopsticks or cutlery, and there is even a gel pouch to help keep your food warm or cold. This is a perfect bento box for anyone who is busy and keeps up with the news, videos, or work meetings on their phone during lunch.

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  Lunch boxes are widely used, yet it is rare to find the unique designs offered in the Japanese tradition. Whether you prefer a more organic and rustic style or a more modern version that adapts to your busy lifestyle, there is a bento box for you!
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