There are more than 78,000 buyers using SUPER DELIVERY. Every day, these buyers are searching for unique products that are not available anywhere else on SUPER DELIVERY. Today, I would like to introduce you to the keywords that buyers in the US and Canada often search for most frequently.

No.1 Sanrio

  As many of you may already know, Sanrio is a company that sells and plans various fancy character goods such as Hello Kitty, Pompompurin, and My Melody. Sanrio characters have a lot of fans all over the world because of their cuteness. In addition, many fans from all over the world vote for their favorite Sanrio characters at the Sanrio Character Ranking held every year. Sanrio character goods, which are loved by people all over the world, are also popular products on SUPER DELIVERY and are purchased by many customers.
In addition to the word "sanrio", the names of characters such as "Hello Kitty" and "pompompurin" are also popular search terms. Why don't you take this opportunity to look for Sanrio products on SUPER DELIVERY?

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No.2 Pokemon

  The second place also goes to another Japanese character that is loved all over the world. The origin of Pokémon was a game software released in 1996 for the Game Boy. I myself was also the kid obsessed with this game. As soon as the game was released, it became very popular, and anime, manga, and movies were created, and it has remained a popular content all over the world for a long time. Pikachu, in particular, is one of the most popular Pokémon characters, and its cute looks have captivated many people.
As with Sanrio, many people search for products on SUPER DELIVERY using words such as "Pikachu" in addition to the word "Pokemon".

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No.3 Cat

  The third place goes to the cute animal series. Along with dogs, cats are one of the top two cute animals in Japan, and products featuring cats are sure to be popular. Like many others, I am also a fan of "cat" goods. I have cat T-shirts, cat bags, cat mugs, the list goes on and on. I'm sure you have just as many cat goods as I do.
Of course, there are many products with cat motifs on SUPER DELIVERY, and many cat fans are looking for cat goods every day. Why don't you become one of them?

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No.4 Donburi / Bowl

  In addition to Donburi/Bowl, many other kitchen-related products such as Plate, chopsticks, and Bento Box were also frequently searched for. In addition, traditional Japanese pottery such as "Kutani Ware" and "Mino Ware" are also well searched. Because kitchenware is used every day, people prefer products that are made in Japan, stylish, and of high-quality.
If you are interested in Japanese tableware at all, please check out SUPER DELIVERY.

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No.5 Washi Tape

  No.5 is Washi Tape, a popular product in the stationery category, and one of the most popular products on SUPER DELIVERY. SUPER DELIVERY has more than 3,000 products of Washi Tape alone, each with its own unique and cute design. In addition to Washi Tape, other stationery products are also very popular for its high-quality.

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  Were there any search terms that you thought were unexpected? SUPER DELIVERY has a large number of products, and it is very fun to search for products. If you find a product that you like, you can buy it at wholesale prices, so please try using SUPER DELIVERY.


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