Many families choose a height ruler that can be affixed to a wall or use a traditional tape measure to measure a child's height. But there is a big drawback to these methods. That is very easy to error. Anyone who has ever used this height measurer should know that this product is cute, interesting and accurate.
If you only look at the packaging, people who do not know Japanese should be very difficult to understand how this product is used. Today I will specifically introduce this product to the use of the method.

How to use

English version introduction

First of all, open the packaging you can see that this is a lovely giraffe style products. It has a button on the back, two sonic holes and a display. Then, if you want to use it, you just need 3 batteries. (Need to purchase) The children must want to see. Because the shape is so cute that it feels like a toy!

Chinese version introduction

The product is very convenient to use. Just let the child stand against the wall, and then flat the bottom of the giraffe on the wall above the child's head. Finally let the child leave and press the button. (Note that you must ask the child to leave before pressing the button. Otherwise, you will not be able to measure height successfully.)When the button is pressed, two beep will be issued within 3 seconds. 3 beep indicates a failure in measurement. Please do not move the meter and press the button again to measure again.
What do you think? It's quick and convenient, isn't it?
Of course, in addition to measuring height, it can also be used to measure any other place you want to measure.

Event Details

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