Every month, SUPER DELIVERY holds a discount event called "MD's Pick" where we pick up a company, focus on its items, and conduct discounts.
The company of the month for September 2021 is "YUJIN CORPORATION".

Founded in 1981 by Hideaki Sano as an import and wholesale company.
In order to introduce (mainly European) Western culture and sense to the Japanese market, we stock and sell more than 5,000 types of photos, illustrations, picture books, movies, etc.
In the digital era, we propose products, with the desire to spread our predecessors' sense of peace of mind and freedom from the trends.
But recently, we have been introducing also the art of young Japanese artists by finishing it in-house that I can be proud to the world.
It can be said that COVID-19 has left us something in the sense of reviewing the origin of human life, and now it seems that we can do more.
Please look at the products of YUJIN CORPORATION, and enjoy your shopping.

<YUJIN CORPORATION special discount event>

◆Period: 2021/9/7 10am ~ 2021/8/14 10am (GMT+9, Japan Time Zone)
◆Detail: All items by YUJIN CORPORATION are  10% OFF

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Brand 1: Kazuaki Yamada

 Illustrator and picture book writer. Selected three times at the『Bologna Children's Book Fair』.
He has published numerous picture books such as 「My Red Balloon」・「Kanon and Takuto(カノンとタクト)」.

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Brand 2: Minoru Nakahama

 Born in Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture in 1944. Aside from the work of commercial design, he launched the "Nyan Yukai", a group that thinks about nature and humans through cats and questions the social climate that is biased toward economic priority and studied under Gyokusei Naohara, a master of Nanga, and studied sumi-e.
He is famous as a unique artist who draws only cats using the technique of Nanga, and for drawing the roots of human society through cats.

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Brand 3: Mina Kawai

 She creates illustrations with pens and watercolors incorporating things, shapes, and thoughts she finds in her daily life. Each illustration is packed with stories, so please take a closer look.

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Brand 4: kimmidoll

 Born as a souvenir of a spa in Tohoku at the end of the Edo period, Kokeshi dolls were originally popular as dolls with a strong message color.
Recently, its charm has been rediscovered in Europe and in the United States, Kokeshi dolls made by artists are treated as very expensive works of art.
TAG, Australia, with which we have been trading for over 20 years, give each Kokeshi a name, explaining the meaning of the name in English as the character of the Kokeshi doll is accepted by Westerners as one of the motives when buying kimmidoll.
This is because they entrusted to kimmidolls the fact that each Japanese name has a meaning.

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Are you interested in YUJIN CORPORATION's items now? This discount event is for only one week! (2021/9/7 10am- 2021/9/14 10am, GMT+9)
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