Picnic Items

Hello, this is Hamaken.
Recently, Tokyo's weather has been blessed to go out.

I also went to Asakusa with Tommy these days.
His articles will be uploaded soon, so check it out!

Then, since it is not too hot in June in Japan, many Japanese people are going on a picnic! I am very much looking forward to going on a picnic with my daughter every year. (The top image is my daughter.)

So today, I tried collecting picnic products which everybody does love!

Picnic Sheet

Picnic Leisure Mat

Firstly, the basis of a picnic is a seat. The current model is not only light, but also has a good touch. Besides, it is easy to carry fashionably.

Since this type is relatively light and the belts and handle are attached, even children can help with carrying.

There are various kinds and sizes of sheets such as waterproof design one, or extremely compact design one. So you must check!

»Picnic Blankets


Picnic Tent

When it is not hot and windy day, I guess that you bring only a seat out.
Especially, the tent is a thing which it is really useful for my experiences.
This tent is very adorable shape and pattern.

Picnic Tent

There are three attractions of the tent.

1. Sunshade
If you are a woman, you may have to take the precaution of UV.

2. Windbreak
Even if the weather is nice, but there is little wind, it is a bit chilly, and it is hard to eat.
However, if you are in tent, don't mind that!

3. Raise your spirits
This is very important.

The disadvantage of the tent is that it is a bit heavy, but this product is very compact and can be easily carried.


Picnic Bag

Picnic Cool Bag

What is your picnic's greatest pleasure? "Eating" is the one in my case.

If your one is the same, I would recommend to use a bag with a cold insulation function for sunlight-sensitive items such as drinks and made lunch.

Why don't you think you would like to carry pretty and fashionable?

Eco bag is very convenient even if the cold insulating function is not attached. Walking is also a one important element to enjoy at a picnic, so it can be used when you walk and need to keep the temperature of bento for a while.
KRABAG is a bag supplied by a manufacturer called KRAVITZ, but it is an Eco bag which originally made of clothing and fabrics that were supposed to be wasted when they were produced. The concept is very wonderful, now it is used as a school bag for children in Africa.


Water Bottle

Picnic Zojirushi Bottle
Japanese water bottles are really amazing. I always make a cup of coffee outside when I go on a picnic, but hot water is absolutely necessary.
This ZOJIRUSHI can maintain water temperature above 67 °C for 6 hours. Instant soup can be made easily, so it is recommended.


Bento Box (Lunch box)

Picnic Lunch Box
Well, ZOJIRUSHI which Hamake is a big fan.
Plus, Japan's lunch box has evolved deriving water bottle technology.

You can pack rice and soup made at home and you can eat it for 6 hours warm as well. It is useful not only for picnics, but also for offices.

Picnic Lunch Box
This picnic boxes by ONISHI-KEN SEIHAN are colorful and the design is also wonderful.
This lunch box's image is "France". They have also developed the images of the other countries colors.

It will make us fun to watch! You must also check them!
»Lunch Box

Hand Wipes

Wet Tissue
Wet wipes are very convenient when you eat or your hands get dirty.
They are divided into about two categories in Japan. This one is a disinfectant type and contains alcohol. I often use Silkot at my house. It feels good and convenient to carry.

Wet Tissue
On the other hand, this one is a type which contains almost only water, so even children can use it safely, and their mouth can be wiped.

There are various types of wet tissues too.

»Wet Tissue

Carry Basket

Picnic Carry

Well, I've introduced a variety of picnic items. I think that baggage will tend to be more.

In such a case, a convenient basket is here.

These are fashionable with retro color, and also convenient for carrying the goods I introduced so far.

Besides, when you do not use it, you can fold them like the image below.

Picnic Carry
In this image, the two baskets are overlapped, but it can be compact like this. So you do not worry about the place to put at home.


Somehow, since I wrote this article, I would like to go on a picnic as soon as possible.
I will go out with my daughter if the weather of this weekend will be good!

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See you again!