With sunny weather slowly making its way into the northern hemisphere, people are spending more time out and about, enjoying their daily tasks. Instead of producing more unnecessary environmental waste with disposable plastic bags, getting an eco-friendly reusable bag is a great way to save money while saving the planet. Japan has many environmentally friendly eco-bags ready for your active lifestyle. Here are some of our favorites:

Water Repellent Crossbody Convertible Mini Eco Bag

This convenient eco-bag doubles as a stylish mini crossbody bag for everyday use. Carry this crossbody bag hands-free throughout your day, and then convert it into a reusable bag when you do your groceries. As a crossbody, the bag is compact, at 15 cm x 20 cm, but big enough to carry essentials, such as your keys and wallet. As an eco bag, at 37cm x 40 cm, it can carry your jacket or groceries, providing you with a small zipper pouch on the outside for your phone, keys, and other small essentials. The water-resistant polyester lining protects your belongings from any wet or humid weather, making it an ideal spring and summer item. Grab your convertible eco-bag in any one of five colors: black, gray, khaki, orange, or pink.

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Insulated Collapsible Eco Bag

Are you someone who never finds conventional reusable bags to be big enough for your daily tasks? This large insulated eco-bag is the perfect bag for you! When opened, this bag stands at 27 cm x 43 cm, with an impressive 20cm width, making it an ideal carrying case for many different uses. With special heat and cold-retaining technology, this is the perfect bag for doing your family’s weekly grocery run or even bringing along for a picnic to the beach. The durable material and thick base allow the bag to act as a stand-alone unit, much like a shopping basket. With a sleek two-tone design, this bag comes in three different colors: navy, pink, and gray.

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3-Way Eco Bag

This eco-bag is a multifunctional unit that can be used in three different ways. Made from a water-resistant material, this bag has a studded start design, giving it a three-dimensional and stylish look. The bag can be used as a large tote bag, a strapped shoulder tote, and as a smaller crossbody bag. In its maximum capacity as a large tote bag, it can hold up to 26L, or six large water bottles. The size can expand up to 38 cm in height, 55 cm in width, and 35 cm in width. As a smaller crossbody bag, it measures at 18 cm in height by 2 cm in width, with a shoulder strap length of 55 cm. With so many options for wear, this is an ideal option for anyone looking for a fashionable, yet versatile reusable bag.

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Scandinavian-designed Eco Bag

This unique, trendy, and chic bag is a wonderful essential to have on hand in your purse or pocket. Designed by Kazuko Hayasa and Jenna Kunnas, this bag displays a classic Scandinavian textile, perfect for adding color and vibrance to your everyday life. With a theme of “natural beauty and scenery in memory”, this bag evokes the imagery of the forest. The water-resistant material comes in handy for those rainy spring and summer days. At a size of 63.5 cm in height, 40 cm in width, and 20 cm in depth, this is a useful bag to fulfil your everyday needs. Choose from one of eight different nature-inspired textile patterns to invite some vibrance into your life each time your use your eco-bag!

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Shiba Dog Eco Bag

The Shiba dog eco-bag is the perfect reusable tote for dog lovers everywhere! This tote bag flaunts an adorable cartoon image of one of Japan’s most adored dog breeds, the Shiba Inu. Each bag comes with several different images of the Shiba Inu, and the quote “Dog is best friend”. For those who enjoy a minimalist lifestyle, this is the ideal bag, as it has a compact pocket-sized storage pouch. It is made with a water-resistant polyester and it comes in two different colors to choose: gray and blue, this is a wonderful everyday bag for any Shiba-lover to enjoy.

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With so many different eco-bags to choose from, your clients are sure to find the perfect bag that suits their everyday needs. Whether you do large weekly grocery hauls for your family or you prefer a more compact reusable bag, Super Delivery has a bag for you! Sign up to become a member of SUPER DELIVERY today and access our full catalogue of unique Japanese products to stock your shops with.

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