It is cold in Japan and it is time cats also rounded in kotatsu (Japanese hot table).

When it comes to cat, cat boom has long been going on since around 2010. A number of cat items have been appearing so far.

Then, we are going to introduce popular cute cat characters today.


How about some freshly-steamed Higemanjyu? We never go to an amusement arcade without seeing cat characters like omanju (Japanese sweets). Their adorable looks will absolutely relax you!

There are other kawaii animal characters here, please take a look once!

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Characters from the smartphone game app, nekoatsume released in 2014 in which you attract cats to your home and collect them.
It has become widely popular, with pop-up shops opening in Japan and overseas, and involved in various tie-up events, etc. Stay tuned for tons of related products that will be listed soon.

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Gorogoro Nyansuke

The very popular cat character, Gorogoro nyansuke by Tsumugi Murasato will give you a little smile and a bit of a warm feeling. Related character items mostly stationary products such as pens, memo pads, and stickers are available.
They also sell LINE stamps and they are gradually becoming popular.

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