Hello, have you ever had trouble selecting unknown brands or new products while not knowing selection criteria?

Then "evaluation" is one of the selection factors. We believe various aspects such as safety, functionality and design, must be evaluated.
Therefore, we will introduce the award of Japan for your reference to consider purchasing!

Good Design Award

The only system of which was founded in 1957 in Japan, disseminate and enlighten the designs in the field of products and services, aimed comprehensive design evaluation and recommendation. The "G" mark will be given to products as an award. For those who are committed to design, this award may help to consider.

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Stationery Of The Year

It gives to the best stationery of the year on the functionality and design. 10 products are selected from new products and renewal products, and decided the outstanding prize&grand prix.
Japanese stationery have high concepts, so this award attracts attention from media such as TV shows and magazines every year.

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Source: Good Design Award, ISOT STATIONERY OF THE YEAR