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Special Discount for 7 days! MD's Pick, a special product selection by the SUPER DELIVERY staff! Updated every other week: Preview for the first week, and discount for the next week. The very first MD's Pick has just begun.
The series of products selected this time is the most popular and the cutest items for the new year! During the period, not only all products of DECOLE but also all products of PALMART(vendor) will be up to 10% OFF! Let's prepare for the special discount event!

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Pick 1) Shiba Inu Rice Cooker

Shiba Inu rice cooker is convenient for the person who lives alone or wants a little food for one person. A mug-shaped rice cooker can easily cook some rice with a microwave oven.

①Rinse the rice and soak rice in water
-Rinse the rice with water about three times and soak rice in water for 30 minutes.
②Heating in a micro oven
-Heating in 500w for 4minutes and then heating in 200w for 5minutes.
-Heating in 700w for 2minues and then heating in 200w for 5minutes.
③Steam thoroughly
-After taking a mug out from the micro oven, keep the lid closed for 10~15minutes to steam thoroughly.

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Pick 2) Victory Eye Pillow

It's important to take a small rest to get the best out of your ability. The eye pillow is a little motivated by honeycombs. Warm your tired eyes and heal them with the cute characters you're familiar with. It's also very popular as a shop display.

①Take the silica gel from the cover, make the contents even, and heat it in the microwave.
②Check if the temperature is appropriate, then place it on the cover and use it against the eyes. The average time for use is about 10 to 15minutes.

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Pick 3) Decole Decoration

Decole is a cute cat character item full of Japanese atmosphere. It's a perfect product for interior design and display in the store.
Meet Decole's cute character products that are full of NEW YEAR's atmosphere.

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Pick 4) Hedgehogs & Otter Tea Time Set

How about having a relaxing and pleasant tea time with adorable animal friends! This set includes a chopstick stand, mug cup, and spoon for the mug.

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This discount event is for only one week! (2020/01/21 10am- 2020/01/28 10am, GMT+9)
Other than the products above, all items of PALMART will be discounted up to 10% OFF! Don't miss the special chance!

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import made in Japan products, SUPER DELIVERY

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