Established in 2004, WORLD CRAFT is a manufacturer that has mainly developed design stationery, including office supplies. In recent years, masking tape has been mainly sold, and items such as Tatemasu(たてマス), a vertical masking tape, and Kirakira Masking Tape(キラキラマスキングテープ), a sparking masking tape, are attracting attention.

WORLD CRAFT offers stationery and designs that help you create "fun" and "excitement" in everyday life.

A special discount event by WORLD CRAFT is upcoming. Please check WORLD CRAFT's items in advance and get a special price during the event period.

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◆Period: 2021/2/23 10 am ~ 2021/3/2 10 am (GMT+9, Japan Time Zone)
◆Detail: Some items by WORLD CRAFT are UP TO 40% OFF


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1. Clear Stamp Series

Introducing the latest stationery stamps! It's transparent, so it's easy to stamp along with corners and lines. Also, you can store it neatly! It is a new kind of stamp that is sheet-like. There are 8 types in total. It can also be used for notebooks, message cards, and wrapping decorations.

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Art Class

Get out of the masterpieces and live in your notebook. It will help you record your wonderful daily life. Coordinating records, clips, stationery stamps, etc.

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2. Kirakira Masking Tape

Very popular! It is a sparkling masking tape made of 4 colors of foil. Point-based foil is one of its features! Each series has 12 patterns, and there are 4 series in Kirakira Masking Tape.

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Kirakira Masking Tape Part.1 Lights

The gold foil design with shiny light bulbs. Simple and easy-to-use stamps.

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3. Tatemasu Masking Tape

This is a new type of masking tape that meaningful for its vertical pattern, so it can be decorated vertically. Another attractive point is that there are more designs inside than ordinary masking tape.

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A popular delicious pancake pattern on it! Cutting it out, stretching it out, and putting it on whatever you want! Even it can also be used for sweets packaging stickers.

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"AMIE" means friend in French. Its colors and designs are like friends with whom you have clicked. The stationery items incorporate stylish and mature designs that match the compactness of the bag and trendy nuance colors.

◆ Type: Masking tape, Stickey note (S size, M size), Memo, Note

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Masking Tape Petales -Pink

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This discount event is for only one week! (2021/02/23 10am- 2020/03/02 10am, GMT+9)
Other than the products above, other items of WORLD CRAFT will be discounted up to 40% OFF! Don't miss the special chance!

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