Every month, SUPER DELIVERY holds a discount event called "MD's Pick" where we pick up a company, focus on its items, and conduct discounts.
The company of the month for August 2022 is "MASTERSCRAFT CORPORATION" .

Ihoshiro Kiln (イホシロ窯) opened in 2007 as an in-house studio of Masters Craft Co., Ltd. in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture, known as a production center of Mino ware. Our main products are cute chopstick rests and accessories, which are carefully produced one by one by hand without mass-production methods, and we handle over 500 types of chopstick rests and 50 types of accessories.

Also, Ihoshiro Kiln (イホシロ窯) has the following SGDs-conscious activities.
(1) Using of electric kilns:
In the ceramics industry, gas kilns are usually used. However, Ihoshiro Kiln uses electric kilns, which emit relatively low amounts of carbon dioxide. We have also installed a solar power generation system that generates almost the same amount of electricity we use.
(2) Use of raw materials within the production area:
All raw materials, such as clay, glaze, etc., are procured within the production area. This contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions during the transportation of raw materials.
(3) Creating a comfortable working environment:
More than 95% of our artisans are women. We are committed to creating an environment that allows pregnant women to work even when they are about to give birth and continue working for a long time while raising children by offering flexible work hours to accommodate children and family circumstances.


◆Period: 2022/8/2 10am ~ 2022/8/9 10am (GMT+9, Japan Time Zone)
◆Detail: All items are 10% OFF

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Item 1: 3Colors Skewered sweet dumplings-shaped Chopstick Rest

Each of this three-colored Skewered sweet dumplings parts has colors kneaded into the clay, and the texture is also carefully considered. The gentle spring-like hues of these products are always at the top of the popularity list. As the Japanese saying goes, "dumplings are better than flowers." Enjoy this lovely item!

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Item 2: Mitarashi dumpling Chopstick Rest

A quick and easy item that can be worn with just a simple outfit! This chopstick rest in the shape of a Mitarashi dumpling has an appetizing glossy sauce. The slight burnt finish is also a nice touch. This item is always one of our most popular chopstick rests.

The front and sleeves are generously decorated with delicate pintucks, creating a one-piece design that looks great on its own.

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Item 3: Taiyaki Fish-shaped Cake Chopstick Rest

A chopstick rests in the shape of a Taiyaki, with a cute little bit of Anko (red bean paste) sticking out. The back side also has a Taiyaki pattern. For a moment, you might mistake it for a real mini Taiyaki. The texture of this chopstick rest has been carefully detailed, and it is always one of the most popular chopstick rests.

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Item 4: Ayu sweets Chopstick Rest

A chopstick rest features a famous Japanese confectionery with a motif of a young sweetfish swimming in a clear stream. It is a cute item that is irresistible to lovers of Japanese confectionaries.

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