Japanese purse and bag brands have been making their way onto the global fashion scene for the past decade.
  There are several must-try Japanese bag brands to look out for and add to your wardrobe this year.

Trending Japanese Women’s Bag Brands


  UNBILLION is a Japanese bag brand manufacturer based in Shibuya. They are picked up by many popular fashion magazines every month. Their sophisticated bags for adults have attracted women who love simplicity and fashionability.

  Among them, the wallet-style bag is a best seller! The design is cute, but the easiness of bringing it out is also the reason why girls want it.
  The Shibuya-based brand was founded by Hiroyoshi Kusano in 1996 when they started manufacturing different trendy models of Japanese bags and purses. Today, the brand has several major lines, each offering a unique style for many different tastes. Their lines include cache cache, perche, Kakatoo, cachenez, marmelo, and Otias.

  UNBILLION bags have a range of JPY 1,000 to 10,000, offering a wide range of purses and bags for people to choose from. You can browse our selection of UNBILLION bags on SUPER DELIVERY today

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mis zapatos

  In recent years, mis zapatos has gradually been growing in popularity. They design this casual and cute bag featuring two legs extending from the holding hand ♪
The purse and bag brand originated in Japan and is well known for their unique and diverse fabrics and designs. "mis zapatos" directly translates as “my shoes” (mis = my, zapatos = shoes) in Spanish. Their foot and shoe design is done using different materials and embroidery from bag to bag.
  This Japanese purse brand is recommended for those who have searched for unique bags that are slightly different from those in the mainstream.
  The price range for these bags varies from around JPY 2,000 to JPY 16,000. Mis zapatos is known for its collaborations with various anime characters, including Peanuts, Radio Eva, and One Piece.

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Osumashi Pooh-chan

  This Japanese bag brand designs all their bags after an adorable black cat, Osumashi Pooh-chan. The story behind the cat is that one day, while waiting for her owner, Pooh-chan was lonely sunbathing on the roof of a red house, waiting for her owner, Ayaka-chan. Pooh-chan then got the idea to turn her face into a bag to always be with her loving owner. This is the perfect bag for anyone who loves cats and is looking for a unique bag for their wardrobe!

  This Japanese purse brand was initially developed in 2003 in Osaka, Japan, and has since been producing many different unique bag designs with Osumashi Pooh-chan’s face as the motif.

  You can get yourself one of these bags for yourself for anywhere between JPY 500 to JPY 6,000. We have a wide selection of Pooh-chan’s bags on SUPER DELIVERY for you to check out:

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  Diu is a Japanese bag brand that has manufactured handmade leather bags at its factory in Bangladesh.
  Their products are also published frequently in Japanese luxury women's magazines. The fine detail and the texture of the matte leather produce a very gentle texture.

  The time we spend in daily life and the seasons that flow through our lives have their own wonderful stories. ー and probably everyone has a story that they cherish.
  Diu was started with the hope that users will wear it for a long time, just like furniture and kitchen utensils that have been cherished and used for a long time.
  The price range for these bags varies from around JPY 2,000 to JPY 13,000.

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  Zucchero is a casual bag brand designed for mature adults. This Japanese bag brand uses leather produced by the company "Sarai". Sarai is a mother company of several different brands, one of which is Zucchero.

  Zucchero filato uses natural leather to make all of the handbags. It has a unique feature where it is made to replicate the texture and casual feel of a woven basket bag.

  The feature of Laporta di Zucchero is fine quality using synthetic leather would be perfect for adult women. It is a great option for businesswomen and other professionals. Zucchero bags can range anywhere from JPY 1,000 to JPY 16,000.

  SUPER DELIVERY has a wide range of signature fine leather wallets, handbags, and totes from this trendy Japanese brand. Check out here.

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  Kanmi is a sustainable Japanese leather bag brand. The brand launched in 2000 in Asakusa, Tokyo, a Japanese city well known for its abundance of high-quality leather. It started as a small atelier and slowly grew over the years.   The brand’s motto is to “reduce leather waste”. They use a special machine that reuses bag parts to prevent leather waste and produce bags with a soft and fine texture. Their years of craftsmanship and sustainable leather production result in a classic and chic bag style for women of all ages. Kanmi purses and bag prices range from JPY 2000 to JPY 5500.

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Bou Jeloud

  Bou Jeloud is a Japanese women’s fashion brand that produces apparel as well as trendy bags and purses. The brand is named after a Moroccan place where some of the world’s best maize is produced. This is because the brand is centered around a relationship with nature.

  These bags are designed for women who value individuality and unique style. They are for the woman who loves to have fun with her wardrobe. Bou Jeloud’s bags are made out of various natural materials, such as canvas and paper. Handbags are available for around JPY 4,000 - 7,000 each.

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  CREER is the mother company of several different Japanese bag brands, one of which is Post General. The brand Post General specializes in bags that reflect a very simple, utilitarian style.

  Their bags range from tote bags to backpacks and travel/hiking bags. They are perfect for women who have a humble style, are very active, and love adventure. Post General centers fun and playfulness in all of their designs.

  CREER's products, which incorporate materials and shapes that adults find nostalgic and cute, have been created to warm the hearts of people in their daily lives.

Bags are available for anywhere from JPY 1,000 to JPY 9,000. Materials used are generally very durable for outdoor use, such as canvas and nylon. Find the perfect adventure bag for you on SUPER DELIVERY.

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  COO Company, also known as COOCO, is a Japanese bag and purse brand that offers a wide range of accessories made from different organic and recycled materials. Some materials used for their bags include goat leather, woven paper, and recycled PET water bottles. The company’s various casual designs are suited for women of different ages and fashion styles.

  COOCO’s bag prices range from JPY 600 to 7,600.

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Jhands co. Ltd

  Jhands Co. Ltd is a Japanese bag and purse brand that specializes in simple and colorful bag designs. The brand makes several small coin purses and card wallets made from 100% cotton with bold designs, often displaying a floral motif.

  Jhands co. Ltd has been carefully making Japanese accessories one by one for 50 years. Their exclusive processors in Kyoto perform handmade processing in the traditional way.

  You can get one of their bags between JPY 300 to JPY 2,000.

This Japanese brand is ideal for a woman who loves natural and bold designs that bring a splash of color to her everyday life. Find several fun Jhands bag styles on SUPER DELIVERY.

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How to Select a High-quality Japanese bag

  Japan has multiple purse and bag brands that are both useful and fashionable. SUPER DELIVERY has a wide range of Japanese bags and purses ideal for every woman.
Check out this article for tips on how to find the right bag for you.

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  With so many different Japanese bag brands to choose from, it is easy for every woman to find the right bag for herself.
Whether your clients are primarily students or businesswomen, these bag brands have an ideal accessory for them.

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