Japan has always had a deep and intricate history of artisanal kitchenware design and production. Unique clay and glass pieces have been crafted as early as the 8th century. Today, many of these ancient traditions are preserved in Japanese restaurants and households for everyday use.

  Japanese kitchenware comes in a wide variety of styles, each for a specific use or dish. Anyone who enjoys Japanese cuisines would benefit from starting their own kitchenware collection from some of these popular brands.

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Noda Horo (野田琺瑯)

  Introducing a long-established manufacturer who has devoted themselves to enamelware for over 70 years. Their kitchen goods are highly regarded with a simple modern appearance and good usability, preservation, and durability.
  Their products are also friendly to both people and the environment because they do not release environmental hormones. Their enamel storage boxes are particularly popular for making sweets and food preparation.

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  They are a standard long-established general household goods manufacturer for 140-year. As a well-established manufacturer, they accumulate reliable technology and quality control know-how. They have produced millions of sellers' goods for a long time and won numerous awards for their thoughtful convenience and design.

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  HARIO started as a brand specializing in heat-proof glassware. Their emergence as experts in the glassware field was inspired by a skilled glass-blowing craftsman who later founded the company.
  HARIO applies this expertise to making high-quality coffee and tea receptacles, such as coffee siphons, teapots, and cups. However, they also produce a wide variety of other microwave-safe utensils and cooking dishes. Their Koga Factory is currently the only heatproof glass factory in Japan.

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  Yoshikawa, located in the City of Tsubame in Niigata Prefecture, is a well-known manufacturer of Japanese metalware, such as stainless steel utensils and cookware. The brand specializes in a variety of metal kitchenware, such as copper pots and pans crafted with traditional hammering techniques, as well as cooking pokers and chopsticks widely used in Hibachi cuisine.
  They are well-known for their Yukihira pot, an essential tool in any Japanese kitchen. The stainless steel pot is forged from premium quality stainless steel and imparts an easy-to-use design for a variety of Japanese staple dishes, such as udon, broths, miso soup, and other stewed dishes.
  Another one of Yoshikawa’s well-known kitchenware is the stainless steel cooking chopstick, ideal for barbeque and other grilled dishes.

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  Aside from their unique clayware, YAMANI also produces a wide variety of Japanese/Western fusion utensils and kitchen cloths. Utensils are crafted using a blend of organic (wooden) and metal materials. Kitchen cloths display beautiful watercolor designs that evoke the essence of nature.

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  Originating in Seki City in Gifu Prefecture, Kaijirushi is one of Japan’s most well-known metalware brands for centuries. The company has been producing premium quality cutlery for over 800 years, with expertise in manufacturing blades for other industries as well.
  Kaijirushi is praised for the outstanding quality of Japanese kitchen knives, including the popular Santoku knife, among many others. They have mastered the ancient art of samurai sword forging, including the sought-after layered Damascus steel design.
  The brand also produces other steel and metal kitchenware products, such as specialty pans and utensils.


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Edo kiriko

  Edo Kiriko is an ancient glassware craft that has been preserved from its conception during the latter part of the Edo period (17th-19th century). The unique glassware is characterized by intricate glass-cutting designs that produce a beautiful aesthetic effect. A distinctive characteristic of Edo Kiriko is that it uses two different colored glass materials to showcase the intricate designs.
  Kimoto Glass Co. is a popular Japanese brand specializing in Edo Kiriko kitchenware such as sake glasses and sets, water glasses, wine glasses, and more. Their delicate glassware is crafted in the traditional manner and makes a perfect gift or glassware to impress your guests.

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Kutani ware

  Kutani ware is one of Japan’s most well-known styles of porcelain making. Hailing from the Kutani region during the 17th and 18th centuries, this unique kitchenware is characterized by its rich and colorful designs and luxurious aesthetic. Kutani Ware is said to follow the “classical five color style”, also known as gosai-dei, which includes blue, green, yellow, red, and purple. Designs typically pay homage to the beauty of landscapes and the richness of the natural world.
  Kutani ware products include a wide range of kitchenware, such as tea mugs, soup bowls, small plates, decorative platters, and tea sets. The designs are characteristically bold with artistic patterns. These porcelain pieces are guaranteed to stand out among your kitchen items and bring life to your table.

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Character Mug

  Needless to say, Japan is world-famous for its anime and manga. Therefore, any types of cute character mugs are available in Japanese stores!
For example, Doraemon, and even Disney character mugs are popular and come in many variations. Also, Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty are from Japan and are famous overseas.

  The character mugs have a variety of shapes and sizes, including glasses as well as coffee mugs, and all are durable and long-lasting, so it sounds perfect for a gift.

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Hasami ware

  As the name suggests, Hasami ware is a unique form of Japanese porcelain that is produced in Hasami, Nagasaki Prefecture. Originating as far back as the 15th century, this porcelain style is characterized by its distinct blue and white designs.

  Typically, white porcelain is decorated with semi-transparent lapiz or indigo blue enamel to produce elegant designs. The gorgeous contrast of these two colors is what makes Hasami ware so special.
  Hasami ware patterns are often symmetrical or concentric, making them a visually appealing addition to any kitchen. The most common type of kitchenware made using this technique are plates, bowls, and mugs, however, many other uses, such as tea sets and sake cups are also popular.

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Mino ware

  Originating in the Tono area of Gifu prefecture, Mino ware is a traditional Japanese ceramic that continues to be popular to this day. Crafted in a laborious 9-step process, Mino ware is crafted from clay, shaped, double-fired, glazed, and adorned with several layers of decoration. Mino ware ceramics is a perfect example of the iconic Japanese wabi-sabi style that evokes the imperfect and humble elements of nature.
  Mino ware can be used to design much different kitchenware. The most popular use for Mino ware is the teacup, often used to prepare and serve tea in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Yamaki Hayashi produces a wide variety of unique and artistic bowls and mugs made in the traditional Mino ware tradition.

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  Magewappa is one of the oldest Japanese kitchen staples that continue to be produced to this day. The craft, thriving for over 400 years, originates from Odate City in Akita prefecture, located in the Eastern part of the Shirakami Mountains.

  By shaving cedars from this region, craftsmen produce unique lunch boxes, steamers, salad bowls, and “sushi-bachi” (plates). In the Western world, these are most commonly known as “bento boxes''. The Magewappa boxes are refined to create smooth edges that showcase the beautiful grains of this coveted wood.

  Wakacho Co. produces a variety of beautiful Magewappa boxes with unique finishes and designs, perfect for on-the-go use.

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Check Point!

  Popular brands of Japanese kitchenware products have been developed over many years, so they have high functionality and design based on know-how. We hope this little tip will help you find kitchen tools that will enrich your life.

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